SB Media Day

Herd journalism at its finest is what you can expect at Super Bowl Media Day year in and year out. The most anticipated day in all of sports media (and beyond) saw some unique moments on Jan. 29 in Houston. The New England Patriots have seemed like regulars in these events. Meanwhile, this was the Falcons’ first trip to the Super Bowl in 18 years. With less than five guys with Media Day experience for Atlanta, it was clear the Falcons were the new kids on the block.

Two big things stood out during Media Day. First was Tom Brady being brought to tears after a young boy asked him, “Who is your hero?” … Brady responded with his father and gave a short explanation. Second was the mystery of Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s backpack swap with a 49ers reporter (Shanahan, the new 49ers head coach). Odd, but Shanahan had the team’s gameplan against the Patriots inside. What sounded like another Cheatriots scandal or Backpackgate turned out to be no big deal as security managed to swiftly return the backpack to Shanahan.