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Using Adobe Creative Cloud – InDesign, this is a brochure designed to pinpoint the Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium and its one-of-a-kind concessions strategy. Food and drinks are a necessity when attending live events, and it is frustrating when you have to spend an extra $100 to satisfy your family’s cravings on top of the tickets, parking and merchandise. The Falcons’ new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which will also be home to many other spectacles, offers the most pocket-friendly prices for filling up your tummy.

From food items ranging from $2-$5 and refillable soft drinks for $2, the bang for your bucks at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, set to open in late July, will satisfy hungry event-goers and their pockets. You couldn’t even feed a family of four for $28 at the movie theaters or amusement parks, so that cost to do so at a stadium is the first of its kind.