Mohamed Sanu Shows Bright Side of Flights, Gets Heartfelt Letter From Boy

Entering his second season with the team, wide receiver Mohamed Sanu has already left a lasting impression for Falcons fans on and off the field. An intricate part of the offense last season, Sanu is focused on becoming a leader of the team, and surely his leadership has rubbed off on an unexpected spectator. Sanu was on a flight with a family seated behind him which included a 10-year-old hockey player heading to train for an elite hockey team. What the 10-year-old boy saw in front of him was a true professional in every sense. Someone who has trained his mind and body, but his soul as sharp as his route-running.The young boy, aspiring to be a professional athlete as well someday, saw firsthand how one should represent oneself as a pro. For Sanu, that was humbling in itself to see the recognition of the family.

Its the little things that someone in the public eye can do to convey sincerity and humility. It reaches a broader population which generates a positive outlook on becoming a role model and setting the right example for younger generations. Leading by example is how celebrities or athletes can make changes, and this is a perfect message. Additionally for the boy and his family, Sanu has got in contact with them and they will be a guest of his at a Falcons game this season.



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