The Pain and Agony One Month After Falcons’ Super Bowl Collapse

Mentally stuck day in and day out, but not quite to the extent of it being permanently and visually impairing as it sits on one’s backside. However, the score speaks for itself as the Falcons blowing away a 25-point lead in the fourth quarter is going to live on forever, including on this man’s tush. The largest comeback and an overtime battle for the Super Bowl. You can’t write this stuff. OK, maybe you can because the Patriots are involved. I still cringe about it, knowing how close we were, seeing how Shanahan just vanished off to Santa Clara… but it’s getting better. North Carolina was upset by Villanova last March in the Final Four, the Warriors blew a 3-1 NBA Finals lead, the Los Angeles Sparks sink a game-winning shot in a winner-takes-all WNBA Finals against the defending champions, and Clemson bounces back and beats Alabama in a rematch of the National Championship Game. Still unsure if this stuff is written? A year later, we’re almost back where it started. I can breathe, it’s a new cycle. The Falcons have made some promising moves in a young offseason, but so are other teams. Getting back is a marathon as other teams are chasing the same goal. It’s not easy to return to the promise land. Atlanta has not only built a new stadium which will be host of the Super Bowl in 2019, but we’ll be back in 2018 – because we’ve built a brotherhood, a brothership – that will get us to the promise land.


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